Escape From Tarkov Twitch Drops

How do I get exclusive Twitch Rivals Loot

Loot drops from Twitch are pretty awesome. You get loot just by watching streamers who have drops enabled on their stream during specific Twitch events, which you can find here. The last EFT Twitch Rivals event was Tuesday, April 14th at 1pm EDT. To get these drops, you just need to link your Escape From Tarkov account to your Twitch account, instructions below.

Twitch Rivals Escape From Tarkov Event

How do I link my Escape From Tarkov account to my Twitch account

Make sure you already have purchased any version of Escape From Tarkov (SEE HERE), and have a Battlestate Games/Escape From Tarkov profile setup on their website. All versions have closed beta access, which is currently live.

Once your profile is created, go into your profile and click on the purple button that says “Link Twitch Account”. If you’re logged into Twitch, you’ll get a popup from Twitch asking if you want to grant access to Escape From Tarkov – click authorize.

Now all you need to do is find out when the next event is happening and watch your favorite streamer. Last event, I got seven common items, and 3 rare items, just by having it on. You don’t need to watch the streams, you just need to have your accounts linked, be logged into Twitch, and have the stream open to get a chance at exclusive drops.